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GNF 3 kg

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Supplementary animal feed

For daily feeding to horses prone to gastric disturbances
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GNF 3 kg

GNF is a unique supplement, for daily feeding to horses prone to gastric disturbances.
GNF will assist in maintaining optimum gut health and function, allowing maximum utilisation of feed.

The reason for this high prevelance of gastric ulcers can be attributed to:
• Intermittent feeding
• High concentrate/ low forage diet
• Stall confinement
• Exercise induced stress It is impractical to remove horses with EGUS from training and turn them out to grass.
Proper nutritional support is a vital component in ensuring that valuable competition horses maintain a healthy digestive system in these trying conditions.

Instructions for use

GNF should be added to the normal feed ration. All Horses: Feed 50g twice daily. Ponies and Foals: Feed 25g twice daily. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times. Complementary Feedingstuff for Horses.
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