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Tonarsyl 50 ml

Expiry date:
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FR: FR/v/1746423 3/1984

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Cardiac stimulant
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Tonarsyl 50ml

Contains per 100ml:
Inosine 2,5gram
Excipients 100ml

Species, mode of administration and dosage

Calves, dogs: i.m.
Calves 1 ml per 5 kg b.w. 1dd for 5 to 20 days
Dogs, cats : s.c. / Horses: i.v.:
2,5 – 5 mg de inosine per kg b.w., equals 1 to 2 ml  for every 10 kilos b.w.
Horses in competition: 50 ml 1dd solely per i.v. route during 5 to 10 days before an event

Cardiac insufficiency either congenital, by extreme fatique or due to old age.
Calves – hypoxia due to dystocia, cardiac insufficiency, prevention of complications during anaesthesia, rehydration of diarrheic animals or in case of respiratory problems.
Horses – as an aid in the build-up prior to exercise and competition or during convalescence after exercise
Dogs and cats – cardiac insufficiency, during anesthesia as cardiac stimulant, complementary treatment after intoxications, as geriatric treatment

Mode of action
Inotropic effect; enters the cell easily where it liberates ATP enhancing the contraction with a slight increase in cardiac rhythm. Furthermore it causes a respiratory stimulus. Perfectly tolerated by i.v. route.

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