Thiopental 1.0 g 20 ml

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DE: ZNR 43552.01.00

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Rapid-onset short-acting barbiturate for general anaesthesia

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Thiopental Sodium 1 g / vial


Administered intravenously, Thiopental Injection B.P. produces general anaesthesia of short duration. Thiopental Injection B.P. is indicated for the induction of general anaesthesia of short duration; it is also used as an adjunct for control of convulsive disorders of various aetiology, including those caused by local anaesthetics.

Dosage and administration

Thiopental Injection B.P. is administered intravenously as a 2.5% w/v (500 mg in 20 ml) solution. On occasion it may be administered as a 5% w/v solution (500 mg in 10 ml). The obtained solution for intravenous injection should be used immediately; any remaining portion of the content should be discarded. Thiopental sodium injection is usually administered as a 2.5% solution. The content of the vial should be dissolved in 20 ml Water for injection.

Thiopental Sodium 1 g / vial
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