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SynVet-50 Syringe 2,5 ml 20 mg/ml 6pcs

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Intra-articular injection with hyaluronate sodium (20 mg/ml) for aseptical arthritis in horses.

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SynVet-50 Syringe 2,5 ml 20 mg/ml 6pcs


Hyaluronate sodium 20 mg/ml

Description and indication

Hyaluronate sodium is a natural component in the connective tissue of mammals, the chemical composition is the same for all mammalian species. Hyaluronate sodium is also present in the matrix of articular cartilage. 

In addition to the physical and rheological properties of hyaluronate sodium it is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, lubricating and an antioxidant. It does so by effectively trapping free radicals, powerfully inhibiting the migration and aggregation of leukocytes and macrophages and by promoting the healing of connective tissue. 

Intra-articular administration of hyaluronate sodium relieves aseptical arthritis and improves the lubrication of the joint. 

Instructions for use

Single intra-articular injection: administer 2,5 ml intra-articular in medium to large-sized joints. It is possible to treat multiple joints at the same time. After administration a sterile salve and a clean bandage (fitting for the joint) should be applied. 

If necessary, repetition of the treatment could be considered after 2-3 weeks. 

Hyaluronate sodium 20 mg/ml

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