Balancer 6,3 kg

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Supplementary animal feed

Roughage completion in pellets.

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Equilin - Balancer 6,3 kg

Completely organically bound mineral supplement with natural vitamin E and prebiotics.

Instructions for use

rest / light training normal / intense training
Horse 100 g 100 g + Basic, Immuno and energy as needed 
Pony 65 g 65 g + Basic, Immuno and energy as needed

Offers a salt block and a half pounds of alfalfa a day, in addition to sufficient suitable forage.

Composition: linseed expeller, barley, apple pulp, St. Johnsbread, linseed fibers, apple molasses, beet pulp, sunflower oil.

Analytical constituents /kg: crude protein 14,0 %, crude fat 5,2 %, crude fiber 9,5 %, crude ash 15,7 %, calcium 14,78 g, phosphorus 17,55 g, sodium 8,13 g, magnesium 15,8 g, sugar 89,4 gk 

Addition/kg: binders, anti caking and coagulants sepioliet (E562) 175 mg Traces E4 copper (Cu-chelate of glycine hydrate) 780 mg, 3b607 zinc (Zn-chelate of glycine hydrate) 3750 mg, E5 manganese (Mn-chelate of glycine hydrate) 550 mg, iodine (calcium iodate anhydrous 3b202) 30 mg, E8 Selenium (Se-organic CNCM 1-3399 no. 3b8.12) 10 mg, E8 Selenium (sodiium selenite) 3 mg, Vitamins: 3a672a Vitamin(e) A 65000 IE, E671 Vitamin(e) D3 20000 IE, 3a700 Vitamin(e) E (D-alfatoco-ferol) 5188 mg, 3a316 Vit B9 Folic acid 172 mg, 3a880 Biotin(e) 5 mcg, digestability enhancers: Saccharomyces cerevisae Sc47 110000 MCFU/kg

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