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Aminoplus oral paste 50 g

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Supplementary animal feed

Branched chain amino acids for perfomances at high levels and reduced recovery time.
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Per kg of product: 100 g L-Leucine, 80g L-Isoleucine,80 g L-Valine, 80 g Histidine, 10 g L-glutamic acid, 5 g Carnitine 


- Before the competition: a syringe 24 hours and 4 hours prior to a performance. 
- After the competition: a syringe after the performance. 

To be administered mixed with the ration of food or directly into the horse's mouth

Instructions for use

The ideal use foresees the subministration of two syringes before competition, one 24 hours the other 4 hours before .The restoration after the effort may be supported and quickened from subministration of a syringe two hours after the competition. Composition per kg. of product: L-leucine 100 g L-istidine 80 g L-isoleucine 80 g L-glutamine 10 g L-valine 80 g L-carnitine 5 g One syringe to administer directly in the horse's mouth 4 hours before competition. Package: Single-dose oral paste 50 g. Product sold over the counter and not subject to veterinary medical prescription. Non positive in antidoping tests.
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