Solidago-logoplex 100 ml

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Veterinary homeopathic product for acute and chronic diseases of the kidney and urinary tract
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Per 100 g (=100 ml): Solidago virgaurea D4 5.0 g, Aconitum napellus D8 5 g, Atropa bella-donna D6 5 g, Eupatorium purpureum D6 5 g, Solanum dulcamara D4 5 g, Spigelia anthelmia D4 5 g.


Acute and chronic diseases of the kidney and urinary tract, such as cystitis, nephritis, anuria

Dosage and administration:

Shake well before use. For subcutaneous injection. The single dose is according to the body weight as follows:

- cattle, horse: 10 ml
- calf, pig: 5 ml
- piglet, sheep, goat: 2-3 ml
- dog: max 0.2 ml per kg body weight (max 3 ml per animal)
- kat:  max 0.2 ml per kg body weight (max 1 ml per animal)

Depending on the severity of the disease and the evolution, the specified dose should be repeated after 24 hours.

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