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Solidago compositum 100 x 2,2 ml

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Homeopatic product for relief of urinary discomfort
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1 Ampule 2,2 ml (= 2,2 g) : Solidago virgaurea Dil. D4 22 mg, Berberis vulgaris Dil. D4 22 mg, Vesica urinaria suis Dil. D8 22 mg, Pyelon suis Dil. D10 22 mg, Ureter suis Dil. D10 22 mg, Urethra suis Dil. D10 22 mg, Terebinthina laricina Dil. D6 22 mg, Hydrargyrum bichloratum Dil. D8 22 mg, Acidum arsenicosum Dil. D12 22 mg, Cuprum sulfuricum Dil. D6 22 mg, Bucco Dil. D8 22 mg, Hepar sulfuris Dil. D10 22 mg, Capsicum annuum Dil. D6 22 mg, Orthosiphon aristatus e foliis sicc. Dil. D6 22 mg, Equisetum hiemale Dil. D4 22 mg, Chondrodendron Dil. D6 22 mg, Lytta vesicatoria Dil. D6 22 mg, Apisinum Dil. D8 22 mg, Baptisia Dil. D4 22 mg, Natrium  pyruvicum Dil. D10 22 mg, Smilax Dil. D6 22 mg, Argentum nitricum Dil. D6 22 mg.


Homeopatic product for relief of urinary discomfort in dogs, cats, rodents, pet birds.

Dosage and administration

Solidago compositum ad us. vet. to s.c, i.m., i.v. Injection.

According to the species is the single dose:
Big Dog 3-4 ml
Mean Dog 2 ml
Small dog, cat 1-2 ml
Puppies 0.5-1 ml
Small rodents 0.5 ml
Ornamental birds 0.1-0.5 ml

In cases with acute symptoms, the indicated dosage can be repeated after a period of 24 hours. For long-term treatment of chronic affections, the indicated single dosage can be administered 2 a week.

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