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Quadrisol oral gel for horses 3 x 30 ml IE-UK

Expiry date:
Registration number:
VM:51010/5000 - EU:EU/2/97/005/001,005

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Antipyretic NSAID causing a reduction of inflammation and relief of pain associated with musculo-skeletal disorders and soft tissue lesions.

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Quadrisol 100 mg/ml oral gel for horses 3x30ml

Active ingredient: Vedaprofen 100mg/ml

Target animal: Horse


  • According to experienced veterinarians* Quadrisol has a better antipyretic effect than other NSAIDs.
  • A single dose of Quadrisol may be sufficient to combat a high temperature associated with vaccination.
  • Pain relief and reduction of inflammation associated with musculoskeletal disorders, surgery, and soft tissue trauma.
  • Quadrisol is the only NSAID registered for use in pregnant mares.
  • Quadrisol can be given prophylactically at a minimum of 3 hours prior to elective surgery.

*Survey of Dutch veterinarians 2016-2017

Instructions for use


  • 1 syringe is sufficient to treat a 500 kg horse for 2.5 days, including the loading dose.
  • Administration is facilitated by the handy dosage ring on the plunger, and the chocolate flavour of the gel.

Vedaprofen 100 mg/ml

Veterinary advice

Dosage and administration:

  • For oral use.
  • Loading dose: 2 mg / kg à 2 ml per 100 kg. This is followed by the maintenance dosage of 1 mg / kg > 1 ml per 100 kg every 12 hours (BID)
  • The loading dose for a 500 kg horse is 10 ml, followed by a maintenance dosage of 5ml twice a day.
  • The treatment can be administered for a maximum of 14 consecutive days.
  • In case of prophylactic treatment, a maximal treatment period of 7 consecutive days is recommended. Bodyweight and dosage must be determined accurately in order to prevent overdosing.
  • Before administering Quadrisol, the syringe should be adjusted to the calculated dosage by setting the ring on the plunger.
  • Administer Quadrisol directly into the mouth.


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