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Pulvirex 10 ml

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A mixture of essential oils that help promote healthy breathing and have a positive effect on the airways.
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A mixture of essential oils that promote optimal breathing. Pulvirex can be inhaled as vapor or applied locally.

Essential oils - Vitis vinifera semen oleum 81%, Eucalyptus radiata 4%, Cinnamomum camphora (Ravensara) 3,98%, Melaleuca viridiflora 2,98%, Origanum majorana 2,95%, Hyssopus officinalis 2%, Eucalyptus dives 1,98%, Salvia officinalis 1%, Tanacetum annuum 0,47%

Instructions for use

- Dogs: 1 ml (< 10 kg) to 2 ml (> 10 kg) - puppies: 0,5–1 ml, twice daily during 3 to 6 days.
- Cats: add 3 ml into a bowl of hot water and have the animal inhale the vapours during 15 to 20 minutes.
- Calves and animals up to 100 kg: 5 ml, twice daily during 3 to 6 days.
- Cattle, horses and animals over 200 kg: 10 ml, twice daily during 3 to 6 days

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