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A natural product specially formulated for stress-prone dog.
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PrimeVal Stressless is a naturally calming orthomolecular supplement. It is a supplement that will help your dog to relax during acute and chronic stress situations.


Primeval Stressless contains herbs, brewer’s yeast, mineral and amino-acids.


The recommended daily dosage depending on your dog’s weight:
- 5 to 15 kg of body weight: ½ measuring scoop
- 15 to 30 kg of body weight: 1 measuring scoop
- 30 to 40 kg of body weight: 1 ½ measuring scoops
- > 40 kg of body weight: 2 measuring scoops
1 measuring scoop of 1,5 gram is enclosed.

For acute stress situations like fireworks: double the dosage 1 hour before the stress situation.

Instructions for use

Recommended daily dosis: for recurrent and chronic stress or preventative against stress and anxiety: 5-15 kg: ½ measure per day 15-30 kg: 1 measure per day 30-40 kg: 2 measures per day > 40 kg: 3 measures per day For acute Stress situations (fireworks) double the dosage 1 hour before the stress situation. free of sugar
Herbs, brewer’s yeast, mineral and amino-acids
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