HorStem 1ml

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HorStem 1ml



Horstem is the first registered veterinary medicine composed of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord of horses (EUC-MSCs). EUC-MSCs reduce lameness in horses with chronic arthritis (osteoarthritis/OA). Horstem is ready-to-use, the product can directly be injected into the affected joint.

EUC-MSCs secrete anti-inflammatory molecules after injection into the inflamed joint; these inhibit the production of certain degenerative molecules and have an effect on immune cells. This inhibits the breakdown of cartilage and reduces the inflammatory response.  

A single treatment with Horstem reduces lameness and other clinical symptoms of OA, and these results last for more than a year. Other advantages of stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord include:

·         The cells are obtained non-invasively from birth tissue after birth. Because the amount of stem cells in the umbilical cord is relatively large, the isolation of these stem cells is efficient and fewer cycles are required in the cell culture procedure to achieve the desired quantity.

·         Stem cells from the umbilical cord do not trigger immune response. This is due to small amounts of MHC-1, the absence of MHC-2. There are also fewer costimulatory agents and more inhibitory agents present.

·         Horstem stem cells are safer, at birth these cells are not yet exposed to environmental factors and disease, also there is less risk of genetic changes in the cells.

Instructions for use

A single intra-articular injection of 1 ml into the affected joint, use a 20G needle. The product must be injected under sterile conditions and the treatment must take place in a clean environment. Before administration, gently swirl the product to mix the contents properly.

Menchymal stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord of horses (EUC-MSCs): 15x106 per ml

Veterinary advice

The indication for the use of this medicine is: reduction of lameness associated with mild to moderate chronic arthritis (OA) in horses. The desired therapeutic effect is achieved from 35 days after treatment. 

Acute synovitis with lameness (joint flare) is a common side effect (>10%). This inflammation is self-limiting; improvement can be seen after 48 hours and there is complete recovery after two weeks. In case of severe inflammation, an NSAID can be administered. The inflammation has no effect on the therapeutic effect.

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