Felimazole 2,5 mg 100 tabletten

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NL: REG NL 103369

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Felimazole coated tablets containing methimazole are indicated for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats.

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Methimazole is a thioureylene antithyroid drug, which inhibits the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Methimazole (1-methylimidazole-2-thiol) is a white, crystalline substance that is freely soluble in water.

Indication: For the management of hyperthyroidism in cats.

Veterinary advice

Do not use in cats with primary liver disease or renal failure.

Do not use in cats with autoimmune disease.

Do not use in cats with hematological disorders (such as anemia, neutropenia, lymphopenia, or thrombocytopenia) or coagulopathies.

Do not use in breeding, pregnant or lactating cats. Laboratory studies in rats and mice have shown evidence of teratogenic and embryotoxic effects of methimazole.

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