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PGF Veyx 50 ml

Veyx Pharma
Cloprostenol for the therapie of oestrus disorders and uterine diseases, synchronisation of the oestrous cycle, induction of abortion and parturition
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Cloprostenol 0.0875 mg/ml


Cattle (heifers, cows):
- to schedule the time of oestrous and ovulation and for cycle synchronization in animals with an ovulatory cycle when applied during the diestrus (induction of oestrus in non-detected oestrus, synchronisation of oestrus)
- anoestrus and uterine disorders caused by a progesterone-induced oestrous cycle blockade (induction of oestrous in anoestrus, endometritis, pyometra, corpus luteal cysts, follicular luteal cysts, shortening of the sexual rest period) ,
- induction of abortion up to day 150 of pregnancy.
- mummified foetuses.
- induction of parturition.
Pigs (sows): induction or synchronisation of farrowing from day 114 of pregnancy onwards (day 1 of pregnancy is the last day of insemination).

Dosage and administration

For intramuscular injection in cattle (heifers, cows).
For deep intramuscular injection in pigs (sows) (with a needle at least 4 cm long).

- Cattle (heifers, cows): 0.5 mg Cloprostenol/animal corresponding to 5.7 ml PGF Veyx/animal
In order to synchronise oestrus in a cattle herd, it is recommended that the product is administered on two occasions with an 11-day interval between treatments.
- Pigs (sows): 0.175 mg Cloprostenol/animal corresponding to 2.0 ml PGF Veyx/animal. Single administration.

Cloprostenol 0.0875 mg/ml
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