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Ovilis Heptavac P 125 doses (250 ml)

MSD Intervet
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NL: REG NL 9255

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Provides effective pasteurella and clostridial protection for breeding sheep
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Ovilis Heptavac P 125 doses

For the active immunisation of sheep and lambs from 3 weeks of age, to reduce mortality and clinical signs of lamb dysentery, pulp kidney, struck, tetanus, braxy, blackleg and black disease, caused by Clostridium perfringens types B,C and D, Cl.septicum, Cl. novyi, Cl.chauvoei and Cl.tetani.
The vaccine may also be used for the active immunisation of sheep to reduce mortality and clinical signs of pneumonic and systematic pasteurellosis.

Route of administration and dosage
Heptavac-P is the recommended vaccine for breeding stock since it provides optimal aid in the control of the predominant clostridial diseases in adult sheep by active immunisation in young lambs by passive immunisation.

2ml by subcutaneous injection in de lateral side of the upper neck observing aseptic precautions.

Basic immunisation / breeding sheep
: All breeding sheep must receive twe injections, each of 2ml, seperated by an interval of 4-6 weeks. In adult breeding ewes, the second 2ml dose should be administered 4-6 weeks prior to lambing.

Lambs being retained for fattening or subsequent breeding will be require a full course of vaccination. At a mimimum age of 3 weeks these lambs should receive two injections, each of 2 ml, separated by an interval of 4-6 weeks.

Re-vaccination scheme: A 2 ml booster injection at intervals of not more than 12 months.

Withdrawal period
Zero days

Instructions for use

Do not vaccinate animals with intercurrent disease or metabolic disorders. Accidental self-injection may cause local swelling, severe pain, soft tissue injury or infection. Ewes can be vaccinated during pregnancy. No information is available regarding the safety and efficacy of this vaccine when used in combination with any other veterinary medicinal product.

Veterinary advice

Store in the fridge (2 °C - 8 °C). Protect from light.

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