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Ovarium compositum 50 x 5 ml

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Homeophatic product for the ovaria
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1 ampoule (5 ml): Ovarium suis Dil. D8 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 0,05 g,Placenta suis Dil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 0,05 g, Uterus suis Dil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 0,05 g, Tuba uterina suisDil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 0,05 g, Hypophysis suis Dil. D13 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 0,05 g, Cypripedium calceolus var.pubescens Dil. D6 0,05 g, Lilium lancifolium Dil. D4 0,05 g, Pulsatilla pratensis Dil. D18 0,05 g, Aquilegia vulgaris Dil.D4 0,05 g, Sepia officinalis Dil. D10 0,05 g, Lachesis Dil. D10 0,05 g, Apisinum Dil. D8 0,05 g, Kreosotum Dil. D8 0,05 g,Calvatia gigantea Dil. D6 0,05 g, Psychotria ipecacuanha Dil. D6 0,05 g, Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni Dil. D10 0,05 g,Hydrastis canadensis Dil. D4 0,05 g, Acidum cis-aconiticum Dil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 5a) 0,05 g, Magnesium phosphoricum Dil. D10 0,05 g


Disorders of the ovarian cycle, infertility die to degenerative changes or dysfunctions of the ovaries, large and small cystic degeneration of the ovaries, endometritis, stimulation of the functions of glands and connective tissue in elder animals.

Dosage and administration

Subcutaneous injection

Dose per day:

Horse, cattle, swine: 5 ml
Sheep, goats: 2 ml
Large dog: 3-4 ml
Medium dog: 2 ml
Small dog, cat: 1-2 ml

The indicated dosage can be repeated after a period of 8 days.

Homeopathic ingredients
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