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Ocryl 135 ml

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Ocryl Ocular Solution 135ml

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Ocryl Ocular Solution has been specially formulated for the cleansing of the eyes and to reduce hair discolouration caused by tear staining.

Designed to prepare the eye for other drops or ointments, Ocryl will remove debris and crusts from the eye, conjunctival sac and periorbital region.

Instructions for use

For Tear Staining:

Acute Phase: Apply Ocryl using a well soaked cotton ball 1-2 times daily until the discolouration resolves
Maintenance Phase: Apply as above 1-2 times per week

Key Ingredients:

  • Benzalkonium Chloride: Disinfects the cornea and wetting properties increase corneal concentration of the active ingredients
  • Methylene Blue: Antiseptic
  • Boric Acid & Sodium Borate: Antiseptics and Astringents
  • Rose Extract: Soothing
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