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Nova Lactate Xpress Meter (mmol/L)

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StatStrip Nova Lactate Xpress Meter (mmol/L)

StatStrip Lactate Xpress Meter for use in the quantitative determination of Lactate in venous and arterial whole blood.
A hand-held, battery-powered meter to measure lactate in a whole blood sample. The meter can store up to 400 patient and quality control test results.

Key features:
• Measures lactate in whole blood
• Easy to use
• Portable
• No calibration required
• Accurate, quantitative results in 13 seconds
• Small 0.6µl sample size
• Venous or arterial whole blood
• Stores 400 results
• Corrects results for HCT
• Eliminates interfering substances

Lactate measurement range
0.3-2.0 mmol/L
2.7-180 mg/dL






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