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MAXH Hippo 1 kg

MaxH Hippo
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Supplementary animal feed

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MAXH Hippo 1 kg
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For a living body to work effectively and efficiently, it is important that the physical and biological processes are well supported.


72,0 glucose, 16,0% ruwe eiwit, 6,5% ruwe as, 3,2% ruw vet, 0,5% ruwe vezel, 2,3% calcium, 0,4% fosfor, 0,5% magnesium, 1,0% kalium, 0,6% natrium, 0,9% chloor.



Vitamine A 14.398,0 IE
Vitamine E 3.255,0 IE
Vitamine B1 32,0 mg
Vitamine K 1,2 mg
Vitamine B2 32,0 mg
Niacine 216,0 mg
Vitamine B6 34,0 mg
Foliumzuur 4,5 mg
Vitamine B12 720,0 µg
Panotheenzuur 180,0 mg
Vitamine C 5.200,0 mg
Biotine (Vit. H) 2.400,0 µg
Vitamine D3 4.800,0 IE



IJzer 1.000,0 mg
Selenium 300 µg
Mangaan 515,0 mg
Zink 1.000,0 mg



alanine, arginine, asparaginezuur, cysteine, glutaminezuur, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, leusine, lysine, methionine, hydroxylysine, hydroxyproline, phenylalanine, proline, serine, threonine, tyrosine, tryptophaan, valine.

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