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KenoCox 1 L

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Desinfectant to prevent endoparasites, bacteria and viruses.
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KenoCox 10L

Kenocox is a broad-spectrum desinfectant for the prevention of endoparasites, bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19). Kenocox helps to reduce the risk of infection in animal shelters. Kenocox is a unique formula without Phenol. Safe for humans and animals.

Dosage instructions
Target:                                        Dilution rate, contact time and test conditions.
Eimeria spp                              4% (1:25), 2 hours
Cryptosporidium parvum           2% (1:50), 2 hours
Pseudomonas aeruginosa          1% (1:100), 30 minutes dirty conditions
Staphylococcus aureus              1% (1:100), 30 minutes, dirty conditions
Proteus vulgaris                        1% (1:100), 30 minutes, dirty conditions
Bovine Enterovirus                    1% (1:100), 30 minutes, dirty conditions

Waar / wanneer gebruiken:
• Calf hutches: after each calf.
• Calves stable: in washing stop
• Calf pens: after each calving

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