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Immuno 6,3 kg

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Supplementary animal feed

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Resistance formula (immunity)

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Equilin Immuno 6,3 kg

Immuno is developed for horses with a low body resistance to desease. Most importantly, waste products being removed from the body improves the horse's health. The immune system of a horse can only function with enough zinc and selenium, which are often found to be deficient in horses blood. 

Instructions for use

Build up* Maintenance
Pony 250 - 350 gr 150 - 225 gr
Horse 350 - 450 gr 200 - 250 gr

*Build-up dosage during 3 weeks. In case of stress or heavy exertion during a few days, increase the dosage to the build-up dosage

Ingredients: Lucerne, Barley, Carob, Linseed chips, Linseed fibres, Herbs, Cane molasses, Soybean oil, Seaweed, Yeast.

Analytical compounds: Crude protein: 145, Crude fat: 45, Crude ash: 120, Energy value horse: 0,45, Calcium:12, Sodium: 10, Magnesium: 15, Phosphorus: 3. Zinc chelate (E6)850 mg/kg, Cupper chelate 162 mg/kg, Selenium chelate 2,700 mg/kg, Mangane chelate 55 mg/kg, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (4b1702) 2,27x1011 CFU/kg, DHA (Omega 3) 3650 mg/kg Vitamine C (E300) 3500 mg/kg Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate 3a700) 2160 IE/kg, Betonite-montmorillonite (E558) 2000 mg/kg, Diatomite (E551a) 1500 mg/kg, 

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