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Immiticide box/5 bottles

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For the treatment of Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogs
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Melarsomine dihydrochloride 50 mg. When reconstitued with 2 ml of sterile water for injection (provided) contains 25 mg/ml of active ingredient


Melarsomine is used to treat heartworm infection in dogs. The precise method used (one or two stage) depends on the severity of the disease and the need for supportive care. Melarsomine can only treat adult heartworms and has no effect on microfilaria.

Dosage and administration

Immiticide should be administered only by deep intramuscular injection in the epaxial (lumbar) muscles in the third through fifth lumbar region. Do not administer at any other region. Avoid superficial injection or leakage. Use a 23 gauge 1 inch needle for dogs equal to or less than 10 kg in weight. Use a 22 gauge 1 1/2 inch needle for dogs greater than 10 kg. If repeated administrations are warranted avoid injecting at the same lumbar location.

Melarsomine dihydrochloride
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