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Hypospray 400 ml

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Hypospray 400 ml

Hypospray for external use.
Hypospray is a pungent, balanced blend of various natural oils.
These oils together take care of your horse’s skin and coat against the specific problems during the season.
The spray is also suitable for application at the planting of the tail and mane as care for the coat / skin.

Balanced blend of 4 all-natural essential oils.
The balanced formulation of the biologically active substances provide the special properties of Hypospray
Keep the horse free from the specific problems during the summer season. Neutralizes the sweat and odor of horses.
As a care for skin and coat


Instructions for use

Instructions for use:
Spray your horse at a 20-40 cm distance. Apply thoroughly to the chest, neck, abdomen and hindquarters. The spray can be applied to the horse’s head using a sponge or cloth. Avoid contact with the eyes and other mucous membranes. For external use only.

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