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Hepatizer 1 L

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Supplementary animal feed

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Grovet Hepatizer 1 L

A liquid feed supplement to support liver function in horses. 

  • Hepatizer is a supportive formulation which contains active ingredients like choline chloride, methionine and betaine
  • Support the liver homocysteine and vet metabolism.
  • Due to the combination of above ingredients Hepatizer contributes to the normal liver function to allow horses to have an optimal growth and performance.

Instructions for use

Recommended dosage:

Foals and adults, up to 500 kg: 15 ml for 7 days

Adultsover 500 kg: 30 ml for 7 days

Composition: sorbitol, sodium chloride.


  • Vitamins: betaine anhydrous (3a920), choline chloride (3a890)
  • Amino acids: hydroxy analogue of methionine (3c307), lysine monohydrochloride (3c322)
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