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GastroGard 37% oral paste 14 syr. EU

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Oral paste for the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers.
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Omeprazole 370 mg/g


For the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers.

Dosage and administration

For oral administration. Not recommended in horses younger than 4 weeks of weighing less than 70 kg.

Treatment of stomach ulcers

Administer 4mg omeprazole per kg bodyweight per day for 28 consecutive days, immediately followed by a course of 1 mg omeprazole per kg bodyweight for 28 consecutive days. This reduces the likelihood of stomach ulcers reappearing during the course of the treatment.

Should stomach ulcers reappear, the horse should once again be treated with 4 mg/kg omeprazole.

Prevention of stomach ulcers

Administer GastroGard once a day at a dosage of 1 mg omeprazole per kg bodyweight.  

Elke gram GASTROGARD bevat: 370 mg omeprazol, hulpstoffen o.a. 2 mg geel ijzeroxide (E172).

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