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Fysiologische zoutoplossing 100 ml

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NL: REG NL 1247

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0,9% NaCl
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For use in replacement therapy of sodium, chloride and water which may become depleted in many diseases. Because this solution is isotonic with body fluids, it may also be used as a solvent or diluent, for antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals and biologicals where compatible, and for washing mucous membranes and other tissue surfaces.

Each 100 mL of aqueous solution contains: sodium chloride 0.9g

Dosage and administration:
Warm to body temperature and administer slowly by intravenous or subcutaneous injection. The amount and rate of administration must be judged by the veterinarian in relation to the condition being treated and the clinical response of the animal, being careful to avoid overhydration. When used as a solvent or diluent for pharmaceuticals and biologicals, follow manufacturer’s directions.

sodium chloride 9mg/ml and water for injections
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