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Flexi4 1kg

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Supplementary animal feed

Source of Vitamin B12 and phosphorus for prevention or treatment of deficiencies of these nutrients
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Zoetis -  Flexi4 (1kg) 

The extracts of carefully selected plants in the complement FLEXI 4 JOINTS HORSES  support joints and may assist in the management of joint pain.
FLEXI4 supports joint mobility essential for work in horses and muscle strength, enabling it to continue to train and perform at best.

FLEXI 4 JOINTS HORSES gel is a complementary food for horses or athletes followed for joint disorders.
For horses unique combination of extracts of 4 plants, FLEXI 4 provides a natural effect, safe and non-doping to help joint flexibility in horses at work.
FLEXI 4 is also useful for older horses.
Flexi4 is the ideal complement to the competition horse: its natural formulation, no doping, acts on the flexibility of the joints of the horse and helps maintain performance. Flexi4 is also recommended for the senior horse suffering from joint problems.

Instructions for use

Once daily directly into the mouth or mixed with food. 
- Work Horses: 50 ml per day for 20 days, especially in intense exercise period.
- Horses with joint disorders: from 100 ml a day for 20 days, then 50 ml a day for 2 months. This protocol can be repeated several times a year.
- Older horses: 50 to 100 ml per day.
The duration of administration and dose must be adapted to the horse. 

The formula FLEXI 4® is a combination of 4 plant extracts:
Curcuma longa ..... 2.6%
Yucca schidigera ..... 1.8%
Salix alba ..... 1.8%
Boswellia serrata ..... 0.7%

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