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Triforce 600 g

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Supplementary animal feed

Rich in vitamins C and E, selenium and essential amino acids. For the anticipation in the drop in midseason performance observed in athletic horses.
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Stress, intensive effort, and high demand on the immune defences with environmental factors (UV radiation, polluting agents…) can lead to an increased release of free radicals, the origin of oxidative stress.The vitamin C supplied by TRIFORCE is complexed on a mineral base (Triforce-C), which gives it 3 major advantages over the classic form : • improved absorption and tolerance by the stomach thanks to its neutral pH • cellular activity 4 times that of the usual ascorbic acid • long acting effect due to its slow elimination


Complementary feedingstuff for horses :The use of TRIFORCE is particularly recommended for athletic horses:
- for the maintenance of the active locomotor system (muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints) against oxidative  stress
- to optimise the muscular metabolism and help the sporting performance


Glucose, Lactose. Additives/kg : Vitamins and pro-vitamins: Vitamin C (as Calcium L-Ascorbate) (E302) 150 000 mg,Vitamin E/all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (3a700) 110 000 IU. Amino acids and salts:DL-Methionine (3.1.1.) 3 200 mg, L-Lysine (monochloride) (3.2.3.) 740 mgComposed of trace elements: Selenium (as sodium selenite) (E8) 25 mg


Adult horses: 
Standard sized horses (500 kg) 1 scoop (= 20 g) per day
Light horses 1/2 scoop (= 10 g) per day

Foals and ponies: 1/4 scoop (= 5 g) per day

To be mixed with feed.
1 scoop = 20 g.

EQUISTRO TRIFORCE Easily administered via feed or drinking water High concentration / low volume for daily administration during training and competition Palatable and well tolerated Contains no prohibited substances Training and competition increase the energy and oxygen requirements of performance horses, particularly in the essential muscle and connective tissue cells. At the same time, the production of free radicals is increased which can damage or destroy these cells. This can result in a lack of suppleness, stiffness, loss of condition and reduction in performance and in some cases even muscle or joint disease. Equistro Triforce can assist in maintaining healthy levels of antioxidents in such cases.
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