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Influenza vaccine

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Per dosis of 1ml: A/equine-2/Newmarket/2/93 50 AU and A/equine-2/South-Africa/4/03 50 AU subunits from equine influenza viruses


Active immunisation of horses older than 6 months against equine influenza to reduce severity and duration of clinical signs and to reduce the amount and duration of viral shedding after infection.The onset of immunity is established at two weeks after basic vaccination. A priming response is maintained for up to 5 months after basic vaccination. The duration of immunity is up to 12 months after the first revaccination.

Dosage and administration:

Intramuscular injection of one dose (1 ml) per animal. 

Vaccination schedule

Basic vaccination course

Foals should be vaccinated from the age of 6 months. Two vaccinations of one dose with a 4 week interval. The basic vaccination course results in immunity to equine influenza lasting at least 5 months.


The first revaccination (third dose) is given five months after the basic vaccination course. The revaccination results in immunity to equine influenza for at least 12 months. The second revaccination is given 12 months after the first revaccination.

Revaccination, at 12 month intervals of a suitable vaccine against equine influenza, such as Equilis® Prequenza or Equilis®Prequenza Te, both containing the strains A/equi 2/Newmarket-1/93 and A/equi 2/Newmarket-2/93, is recommended to maintain immunity levels against equine influenza.

Pharmaceutical precautions:

Store at 20 to 80C. Protect from light. Do not freeze.

2 subunits from equine influenza viruses
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