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Elytaan 1000 ml

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Supplementary animal feed

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Liquid, electrolyte concentrate with trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.
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ELYTAAN is a readily available liquid electrolyte formulation. Its composition is adapted to stimulate drinking and partially compensate for NaCl losses. Rich in vitamins (notably vitamin B3 and vitamin B5), trace elements and amino acids (lysine and DL-methionine), EQUISTRO® ELYTAAN provides maximal nutritional support where there is a high metababolic demand and can be used to provide reserves when fluid and electrolyte losses are anticipated.

Composed of trace elements: Zinc as chloride, monohydrate (E6) 1436 mg, Iron as Ferric chloride, hexahydrate (E1) 254 mg, Copper as Cupric chloride, dihydrate (E4) 188 mg, Manganese as manganous chloride, tetrahydrate (E5) 99 mg. Amino acids and salts: L-Lysine (Monohydrochloride) (3.2.3) 1069 mg. DL-Methionine (3.1.1) 1067 mg, Vitamins and pro-vitamins: Niacin 716 mg, Calcium-D-Pantothenate 713 mg. Aromatic substances: Glycine 4800 mg Analytical constituents: : Moisture 53%, Crude ash 17.5%, Chloride 14%, Sodium 3.6%, Glucose2.9%,Magnesium2.1%,Potassium1.15%,Crudeprotein0.9%, Crudefat0.8%,Calcium0.43%,Crudefibre0.3%

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