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Effivet Skin & wound Spray 250ml

CF Pharma
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DK: DK 1187-00

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Fight infection and speed healing time in dogs, cats, horses and other animals.
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EffiVet Skin & Wound Formula

Veterinarian formula. It is a non-toxic, antimicrobial formula which works with the immune system to fight infection
and speed healing time in dogs, cats, horses and other animals. 
EffiVet can be used to moisten, clean and debride wounds without harming healthy tissue. 
The ready-to-use spray is also pH neutral and free of steroids and antibiotics, so it won't sting or irritate the wound. 
Effivet provides relief from scratching, hot spots and can be used to clean ear and eye lid area.

Do not allow to freeze.

Alternative for Vetericyn 

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