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Draw natural minerals 946 ml

Natural Care
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Supplementary animal feed

Draw Natural Minerals is a highly concentrated sulphated mineral formula used on animal athletes. This solution helps return damaged tissue to its original state.
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Draw is made by treating and improving natural mineral water in order to obtain a concentrated solution of minerals. This solution gives remarkable results in cases of lesions, contusions, swellings, oedema, exudate, certain skin conditions and even burns.


Aluminium 184,000 mg/L
Calcium 298 mg/L
Magnesium 24,000 mg/L
Potassium 1.28 mg/L
Sodium 158 mg/L
Silicium (SiO2) 4.88 mg/L

Instructions for use

Shake well before use. Keep wounds moist for a few days. After use rinse the pump with purified water.
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