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Confidence EQ 1x10 sachets

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Supplementary animal feed

Maternal equine pheromone to help control stress in horses
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Maternal equine pheromone analog 1%


Confidence EQ® is a synthetic copy of the maternal equine pheromone which is produced by the mare a few days after birth to reassure its foal.

Confidence EQ® helps to:
- Promote learning,
- Improve focus on tasks.

Confidence EQ® has been proven to help control stress in horses with no side effects and without affecting the horses performance.
Non doping.


Confidence EQ® is designed for both young and adult horses when experiencing new situations or activities. Confidence EQ® can also be used in nervous or highly sensitive horses and during the below situations (please note, this list is not exhaustive)

- Travelling, stabling , recovery after landing (truck, plane, train),
- Environmental changes: moving, turning out, change of stable, new owner,
- Work situations: learning and training new or potentially fearful/stressful situations,
- Social situations: separation of the foal from the mother, loneliness, new arrival,
- Care: visit to the vet, farrier, clipping,
- Noise and lights: thunder storms, gunshots, fireworks, crowds, vehicles, flashing lights.
(In the case of long-term behaviour problems, a complete physical examination by a veterinarian is recommended to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan).

Instructions for use

Apply the gel when the horse is calm and in a quiet surrounding.
- 1 sachet is one application,
- Apply Confidence EQ® 30 minutes before the stressful event,
- Tear open the sachet and push out the gel on to your fingers and apply the gel to the base of the nostrils,
- Repeat if necessary every 2 - 2.5 hours.

Maternal equine pheromone analog 1%
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