Chevivit E-Selen 250 ml

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Supplementary animal feed

MCT phospholipid-complex with vitamin E and Selenium in an oral gel for horses
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Coconut and palm oil, refined fish oil, vitamin E 500.000 mg and selenium 1.250mg per kg


Compensation of nutritional vitamin E/selenium deficiency in horses. Sufficient supplies of vitamin E and selenium prevent dystrophic symptoms especially of the skeleton and the heart muscles (stiffness, paralytic symptoms). Vitamin E and selenium improve condition and fertility.

- against muscle stiffness in the sacral region            
- to prevent azoturia (paralytic myoglobinuria)
- against tying-up syndrome (myositis) to promote ridability and recuperative capacity
- increases racing performance and improves trainability
- acts as an antioxidant and eliminates free radicals 

Chevivit® E-Selen/E provides horses with Vitamin E, Selenium, and Omega 3 fatty acids
The MCT phospholipid-complex formulation provides enhanced bio-availability of the active agents.


- excellent absorption of active agents
- precise dosage
- low volume
- easy to use via the pump dispenser
- no product wastage
- excellent stability
- no storage problems for daily use
- good value and cost-efficiency

Instructions for use

Dosage: 2 ml per day add to the daily feed or directly to be put in the mouth of the horse.
Coconut and palm oil, refined fish oil, vitamin E and selenium
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