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Cellona Plaster 2,7 m x 10 cm 3,5 min. setting time 12pcs

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Cellona® Plaster of Paris Bandage

More info

Cellona® Plaster of Paris Bandage

    • 2,7 m x 10 cm
    • versatile
    • ready to dip
    • soaks through rapidly and evenly
    • very creamy
    • easy to mould

Conforms to contours, sets rapidly

Applying Cellona Plaster of Paris Bandages saves time and they can be easily adapted to the contours of the area of the body being treated. They have a relatively short immersion time so they become soaked through quickly. In addition, the finished bandage sets rapidly and is safe for transport after 30 minutes. They are fully set after around 24 hours.

Product composition

17-thread count cotton gauze fabric, porous plaster of Paris coating consisting of α- and β-calcium sulphate hemihydrate.

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