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Celestovet 5 ml

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Betamethasone injectable
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1 ml suspension for injection contains: Betamethasone 12.0 mg, Betamethasone phosphate disodium 3.948 mg 


Celestovet acts palliative (supportive) in the treatment of the following diseases:
Horse: non-infectious inflammation of the joints
Dog : non-infectious inflammation of joints, tendon sheaths and bursae and other non-infectious inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Dosage and administration

For intra-articular and intramuscular administration.
- Horses: 34.6 to 69.2 mg betamethasone per animal, corresponding to 2.5 to 5 ml per animal. Via intraarticular.
- Dogs: 0.18 to 0.35 mg betamethasone / kg body weight corresponding to 0.013 to 0.025 ml per kg of body weight. Via intramuscular or intra-articular.

Depending on the severity of the disease, a treatment with the same dose cen be done 3 -  5 weeks after the first injection.

Special precautions for storage

Store in a refrigerator (+2 ° C to +8 ° C). Shake well before use! Used immediately after opening. 

Betamethasone 12.0 mg
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