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Boue thermo-reductrice 10 kg

Boue thermo Réductrice is a poultice with heating action.
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Boue thermo Réductrice is a heating poultice with a redox effect, relaxing muscles and stimulating osmotic exchanges (circulation of fluids) between tissues. Boue thermo Réductrice optimizes muscle relaxation and toxin elimination.

Instructions for use

Do not apply on deep wounds.

Dilute 1 part Boue thermo Réductrice with 1 part cold or lukewarm water and spread onto the desired body part (back, legs, ...). Cover with plastic film. If applied to the back, cover with a blanket. If applied to the legs, cover with stable bandages. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, not longer. The thicker the layer of Boue thermo Réductrice, the warmer it will become. After preparation, the poultice should be applied as quickly as possible. The poultice does not irritate the skin.

Atomised concentrated sea water, oarweed, thermo-reducing agents, excipient.
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