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Betadine Scrub 500 ml

Meda Pharma
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NL: RVG 08939

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Povidone-Iodine scrub
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Povidone-iodine 75 mg/ml


Betadine scrub is a disinfectant whose active ingredient, povidone-iodine, is a fast acting and long lasting micro-organism killer. Its effectiveness is based on slow releasing iodine from the povidone-iodine connection which causes no pain on the skin. Due to the brown color, which indicates the presence of iodine, the disinfected area is visible. The disinfecting effect of Betadine lasts al long as the brown coloration is visible.

Povidone –iodine is a broad spectrum disinfectant. Insensitivity in bacteria against Betadine has not been registered.


Surgical hand scrub

Patient pre-operative skin preparation.

Dosage and administration

Surgical hand scrub: Rub 5 ml Betadine scrub onto wet hands and arms up to the elbows. Wash hands during 2 ½ minutes. Rinse and repeat.

Patient pre-operative skin preparation: Wet the operation field and thoroughly rub Betadine scrub onto the area during 5 minutes. Remove foam with a wet, sterile gauze and apply disinfectant.

Contra indication

Keep out of reach of children. Don’t apply on large skin area’s when suffering from hyperactivity of the thyroid. Use with caution when sensitivity to iodine or thyroid abnormalities are known. Do not use to prevent tetanus.

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