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Bentelan 4 mg/2 ml 3 vials x 2 ml

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Betamethasone sodium phosphate
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Cartons of 3 vials of 4 mg / 2 mL
One vial of 2 ml contains: 4,000 mg betamethasone. 


Shock ( surgical and traumatic shock , burn victims ); Severe anaphylactic and allergic reactions ( laryngeal edema, allergies to medications, allergies, post- transfusion) ; status asthmaticus; cerebral edema; myocardial infarction; hematologic undergoing rapid intensification; crisis of acute adrenal insufficiency in patients with syndrome Waterhouse - Friderichsen, Addison's disease, Alzheimer's Simmonds; soft tissue injuries such as tennis elbow and periarthritis of the shoulder joint (local injection)

Special warnings

The use of the drug without a therapeutic need is doping  and may lead to positive doping tests 

Dosage and administration

The usual dose ranges from 1.5 mg to 4 mg and can be repeated as necessary until you get the desired response. The doses may, in some cases , reach 10-15 mg or more in a single injection: this dose can be repeated 3-4 times in 24 hours. If necessary, the drug can be added directly to the normal infusion fluids.

Betamethasone 4mg / vial
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