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Belladonna-Homaccord 50 x 5 ml

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Homeophatic product for bronchitis
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1 ampoule (= 5 g) contains: Atropa bella-donna Dil. D4 25,0 mg, Atropa bella-donna Dil. D10 25,0 mg, Atropa bella-donna Dil. D30 25,0 mg, Atropa bella-donna Dil. D200 25,0 mg, Atropa bella-donna Dil. D1000 25,0 mg, Echinacea Dil. D10 25,0 mg, Echinacea Dil. D30 25,0 mg, Echinacea Dil. D200 25,0 mg.


Diseases in the hyperemic stage, congestions and inflammatory-hyperemic processes, e. g. bronchitis, pneumonia, mastitis, phlegmons, furuncles, eczemas, acute metritis, sinusitis, external otitis, cerebral irritability (sunstroke).

Dosage and administration

Subcutaneous injection.

- Horse, cattle, pig: 5 ml
- Piglets: 2-3 ml
- Sheep, goat: 2 ml
- big dog: 3-4 ml
- medium dogs: 2 ml
- small dog, cat: 1-2 ml
- Puppies: 0.5-1 ml

If necessary and depending on the severity of the case, the mentioned dose can be repeated after 24 hours. In case of chronic diseases that can lead to a long-term treatment, the above doses can be administered at intervals of 4 days.

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