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Arti-Gold-Canine 126 tabl.

Global Medics
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Supplementary animal feed

Arti-Gold is a complete supplement for obtaining more flexible joints in dogs and cats.
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Global Medics - Arti-Gold-Canine, 126 tabs

Arti-Gold is a complete supplement for dogs and cats, containing a high dose of collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin. Additionally, Arti-Gold is rich in minerals, amino acids and antioxidants (MSM, vitamin E) which make an important contribution in the development of cartilage, bones, joint fluid etc.

Arti-Gold helps your dog and cat obtain supple joints and helps repair cartilage. It has also been indicated for hip pain, neck and back pain and other joint afflictions.

Instructions for use

Administer 1 tablet per 10kg body weight per day orally.
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