Emedog 1mg/ml 5 amp. EU

Emedog 1mg/ml 5 amp. EU
Nr. 86241H
Apomorphine 1,0 mg.

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Laboratoire TVM - Emedog 1mg/ml EU

Solution for injection for dogs. Contains per ml Apomorphine 1,0 mg

Induction of emesis. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 86241H
Tax Class 9%
Route of Administration Subcutaneous
Active Ingredient Apomorfine
Target Species Dogs
Registrationnumber Cascade
Kanalisatie UDD
Veterinary Advice

Expulsive efforts with or without vomiting are likely to be seen from 2 and 15 minutes after the injection of the product
and may last from to 2 minutes to 2,5 hours (as observed in one clinical trial).
Do not repeat the injection as it will not be effective and may provoke clinical signs of toxicity.


Additional Information

Instructions for use

In dogs: Single subcutaneous injection at a dosage of 0.1 mg of apomorphine/kg bodyweight
(1 ampoule of 1 ml/10 kg BW).
Weigh animals before treatment.