Ceva - Douxo Seb Mousse, 200 ml

Ceva - Douxo Seb Mousse, 200 ml
Nr. F05510P
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Douxo Seborrhea Mousse is for the management of kerato-seborrheic conditions, also referred to as seborrhea. This no-rinse formula contains sebum-regulating agents, soothing and film-forming ingredients to help re-balance the skin. It also contains ingredients with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The mousse is especially great for cats and for dogs that like to be massaged.

Douxo Seborrhea Mousse contains Phytosphingosine, a pro-ceramide to help rebuild natural ceramides in the skin that are critical in helping keep the skin healthy. The mousse can be used on the entire body or be applied on small (localized) areas such as skin folds, paws, etc.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU F05510P
Tax Class 6%
Brand Ceva
Route of Administration Topical
Active Ingredient Phytosphingosine
Target Species Canine, Feline

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