HorseMaster - DMG 3000, 1,3 kg

HorseMaster - DMG 3000, 1,3 kg
Nr. FAR01.1030913
Powder based on Dymethyl glycine concentrated at 10%. Read more


DMG 3000
During maximal exercise, the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles and fluid compartments is often the factor limiting to the continuation of the effort. The accumulation of lactic acid participates in the muscular acidosis which alters the functioning of the metabolic pathways and is reflected by the early appearance of muscular fatigue.

In order to delay this fatigue, the use of substance such as Dymethyl Glycine (DMG) has been studied in humans and horses.

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Additional Information

SKU FAR01.1030913
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Brand Horse Master

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Instructions for use

Enclosed scoop holds 10 g.

Horses in training: 1 and half scoop twice daily mixed with feed.

During 5 days before racing or competition, give 3 to 4 scoops daily.