Discus compositum LT ad us. vet. 50 x 5 ml

Discus compositum LT ad us. vet. 50 x 5 ml
Nr. 62013
Homeophatic product for the joint surface and cartilage Read more



1 ampoule of 5.0 ml contains: Acidum ascorbicum Dil. D6 (HAB, Vorschrift 5a) 50 mg,Acidum picrinicum Dil. D6 50 mg, Aesculus hippocastanum Dil. D6 50 mg, Ammonium chloratum Dil. D8 50 mg, Argentummetallicum Dil. D10 50 mg, Berberis vulgaris Dil. D4 50 mg, Calcium phosphoricum Dil. D10 50 mg, Cartilago articularis suis Dil.D8 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 50 mg, Cimicifuga racemosa Dil. D4 50 mg, Cinchona pubescens Dil. D4 50 mg, Citrullus colocynthisDil. D4 50 mg, Coenzym A Dil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 5a) 50 mg, Cuprum aceticum Dil. D6 50 mg, Discus intervertebralis suisDil. D8 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 50 mg, Embryo totalis suis Dil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 50 mg, Funiculus umbilicalis suis Dil.D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 50 mg, Glandula suprarenalis suis Dil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 50 mg, Hydrargyrum oxydatum rubrum Dil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 8a) 50 mg, Kalium carbonicum Dil. D6 50 mg, Ledum palustre Dil. D4 50 mg, Medulla ossiumsuis Dil. D10 (HAB, Vorschrift 42a) 50 mg, Nadidum Dil. D6 (HAB, Vorschrift 5a) 50 mg, Natrium riboflavinum phosphoricumDil. D6 (HAB, Vorschrift 5a) 50 mg, Nicotinamidum Dil. D6 (HAB, Vorschrift 5a) 50 mg, Pulsatilla pratensis Dil. D6 50 mg,Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium ex herba recent. Dil. D4 (HAB, Vorschrift 3a) 50 mg, Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum Dil. D6(HAB, Vorschrift 5a) 50 mg, Ranunculus bulbosus Dil. D4 50 mg, Secale cornutum Dil. D6 50 mg, Sepia officinalis Dil. D10 50 mg, Sulfur Dil. D12 50 mg, Thiaminum hydrochloricum Dil. D6 (HAB, Vorschrift 5a) 50 mg, Zincum metallicum Dil. D10 50 mg, Acidum alpha-liponicum Dil. D8 (HAB, Vorschrift 6) 50 mg, Acidum silicicum Dil. D6 50 mg, Natrium diethyloxalaceticumDil. D6 (HAB, Vorschrift 6) 50 mg.


Osteochondrosis, joint affections, especially in the spine region, e. g. spondylarthrosis, prolapse of the intervertebral discs (dachshound)

Dosage and administration

Discus compositum ad us. vet. is to be administered by s.c. injection. According to species, the daily single dosage is as follows:

- Horse, cattle, swine: 5 ml
- Large dog: 3–4 ml
- Medium dog: 2 ml
- Small dog, cat: 1 ml
- Small pets: 0.5 ml

In cases with acute symptoms, the indicated dosage can be repeated after a period of 24 hours. For long-term treatment of chronic affections, the indicated single dosage can be administered at 4-day intervals.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 62013
Tax Class 9%
Brand Heel
Active Ingredient Homeopathic ingredients
Withdrawal period o days
Target Species cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits
Kanalisatie VRIJ
Units per outerbox 1