Delta-Cast Elite 10cm x 3,6m (10pcs)++++

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Delta-Cast Elite 10cm x 3,6m (10pcs)

Delta-Cast Elite offers all the advantages of a modern non-fiberglass cast material. Due to its properties Delta-Cast Elite enables an efficient therapy.

Delta-Cast Elite offers ease of application. Excellent conformability helps create well-fitting anatomic casts. The elastic polyester yarns offer excellent conformability for wrinkle-free application and conforms well to difficult or bony body contours. This reduces the risk of pocket formation and the risk of instability or the formation of pressure points.
Secure lamination between layers ensures long-term durability, gives a high rigidity and strong stability of cast gives self-confidence. By its smooth surface Delta-Cast Elite minimizes snag on clothing and bed linens. Application of Delta-Cast Elite with gloves of your choice. It is highly radiolucent.

Immersion water temperature: about 20 °C to 22 °C (max. 25 °C)

Working time: about 3-5 minutes

Weight bearing: after 20 minutes

Delta-Cast Elite is made of an elastic knitted polyester fabric, coated with a water-activatable polyurethane resin.

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Nr. G972279-02
Registration number N/A
Brand BSN Medical
Chilled No
Target species Horse
Legal status of supply OTC
Units per outer box 50
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