De Groene Os - Provarium Breeding, 1 kg

De Groene Os - Provarium Breeding, 1 kg
Nr. VP0541
Supplemental powder to aid with hormone regulation. Supports fertility and normalizes the cycle. Read more


De Groene Os Provarium Breeding

Provarium Breeding helps keep the mare’s hormone regulation in balance, thereby supporting her cycle. This supplement can also be used to moderate excessive libido in stallions and geldings.  

Provarium Breeding can be used to support fertility in mares. The treatment should be started 3 months before the first insemination and can be ceased when the mare is pregnant.

Hormones tend to be over-active in spring, causing both mares and stallions to be distracted and hard to handle. These horses can benefit greatly from daily supplementation with Provarium Breeding. 


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU VP0541
Tax Class 6%
Brand De Groene Os
Route of Administration Oral
Target Species Equine
Quantity 1000 gr

Additional Information

Instructions for use Give horses and ponies 1 level scoop once a day through their feed.