ECOstyle - Colosan, 500 ml

ECOstyle - Colosan, 500 ml
Nr. ECO1101069
Colosan can be used in cases of intestinal disorders such as colic, obstruction, ruminal tympany and excessive gas in the intestines. Read more


Disruptions of the digestive tract such as colic, obstruction, ruminal tympany and bloating of the intestines. It counteracts cramping in the digestive tract and halts extreme fermentation in the rumen and the intestines of horses (colic).

The active ingredients in Colosan affect the digestive system in many different ways. The cassia and fennel essential oils help with stomach discomfort, and the concentrated oils slow the growth of bacteria and yeasts. This stops the uncontrolled fermentation processes happening in the stomach and intestines. The essential oils also have a positive effect on the liver and enhance the effect of bile.

Horses are often thirsty after having received Colosan so it is important to make sure they have enough fresh (and ideally lukewarm) water available. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU ECO1101069
Tax Class 9%
Brand ECOStyle
Route of Administration Oral
Withdrawal period 0 days
Target Species horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, foals and calves
Registrationnumber NL 5633
Ingredients Essential oils: cassia, anise, caraway, fennel, chamomile, linseed, jecoris oleum.

Additional Information

Instructions for use

Horses, donkeys and cows: 15 ml. Foals, calves, pigs, sheep and goats, depending on their size: 4 – 8 ml.
One dose is usually sufficient, should it be necessary a second dose can be given within 30 minutes. Colosan should be administered straight into the mouth, without being diluted. It should be injected into the side of the mouth using the syringe provided.
Animals like the taste of Colosan, and are often thirsty after the treatment. Ideally they should be given lukewarm water.