Celestone Chronodose 5,7mg/ml 5 ml amp. 1st.

MSD Intervet
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Solution for injection containing betamethasone.

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Celestone Chronodose 5,7 mg/ml (1x5ml)

Each mL of Celestone Chronodose Injection contains betamethasone 5.7 mg, as betamethasone sodium phosphate 3.9 mg (in solution) and betamethasone acetate 3 mg (in suspension) in an aqueous vehicle.

Celestone Chronodose is an injectable preparation containing both soluble and slightly soluble esters of betamethasone that provides anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and antiallergic effects in the treatment of corticosteroid-responsive disorders. Prompt therapeutic activity in conditions responsive to corticosteroids is initiated by betamethasone sodium phosphate, a soluble ester that is absorbed quickly into tissues after injection. Sustained activity is provided by betamethasone acetate, which is only slightly soluble and affords a repository for slow absorption. The combined rapid and depot actions of these forms of betamethasone facilitate rapid control as well as steady maintenance of corticosteroid effects.

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Nr. 12109347
Registration number Human
Brand MSD Intervet
Chilled Yes
Active Ingredient Betamethasone
Batch S036326
Expiry date Nov 30, 2020
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