Caninsulin 40 I.E./ml 10 x 2,5 ml + syringes

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Insulin for injection 40 IE / ml to treat Diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats
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Caninsulin is a white suspension for injection. Each mL contains 40 IU insulin (porcine insulin present as 35% amorphous Zinc insulin and 65% crystalline Zinc insulin).


Caninsulin is indicated in cases of diabetes mellitus(insulin deficiency) in dogs and cats, where the required blood glucose levels are achieved by using an individually adjusted dose of Caninsulin.

Dosage and administration

Caninsulin should be administered once or twice daily, as appropriate, by subcutaneous injection. Alternate the injection site daily.

- Dog: Insulin therapy is initiated with the starting dose of 0.5 to 1 IU/kg bodyweight once daily, rounded down to the lowest entire number of units. To reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia, it is recommended to administer as low a dose as required within the starting dose range.
- Cat: The initial dose is 0.25 IU/kg or 0.5 IU/kg per injection based on the baseline blood glucose concentration. Cats require twice daily administration.

Special precautions for storage

Store unopened vials and cartridges upright and refrigerated at between +2 and +8°C.

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Nr. 95049
EAN 8713184001429
Registration number Cascade
Brand Intervet
Chilled Yes
Active Ingredient Insulin
Target species Dog, Cat
Legal status of supply UDA
Withdrawal period 0 days
Batch A531A01
Expiry date Mar 31, 2021
Units per outer box 0
Ingredients Highly purified porcine insulin 40 IU/ml
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